Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Carpets

There are so many things that can damage your carpets, while there are various stains that may deteriorate its look and condition too. Therefore, as a good carpet owner, you definitely need to know the best ways for maintaining your carpets. From preventing the potential stains to minimalizing the risk of damage, there are certain tricks that you can do so your expensive rugs will be able to beautify your rooms for a longer period of time. Right now, we’re going to share with you some tips for it. Meanwhile, call the Carpet Cleaning The Hills if you need the professionals to take care of your carpets.

1. Prevent the children from making any mess on the carpets

Children love to play around the house. So if you have children, remind them not to make any mess on the carpet. Although a carpet can be a cozy place for them to chill, just remind them to play carefully, and not to bring anything that may leave a stain or even a bad smell on the carpet. Things such as clays, crayons, and also snacks can leave a bad smell and even make the carpets look dirty.

2. Keep an eye on your pets

If you’ve got a pet in the house, perhaps you need to train it properly so it won’t damage the carpet, especially for cats. Cats love to scratch their claws on things with rough surfaces, so you better provide them furniture pieces for cats that they can scratch and climb on, so they will leave your carpets alone. As for dogs, just train them not to lay on the carpets, due to dogs are usually following around its owner’s commands a lot easier.

3. Put liquid and things with strong smell away from the carpets

As you can expect, certain liquids such as various drinks and inks can leave a bad stain and smell on the carpet. So it won’t be a bad decision for you to put those things away from your expensive rugs.



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