Things That You Must Not Do During Your Umrah

Umrah is a very big deed that a Muslim can do. It’s one of the best types of deeds that you can perform in order for worshipping Allah when you visit the Holy land of Mecca. There are so many Muslims who do this regularly, so it’s recommended for you to try this if you’ve got the chance. However, you also need to remember that there are things that you must not do during your Umrah. Aside from risking yourself to lost the reward of the Umrah from Allah, the problems that can hamper your pilgrimage can also make your travel less inconvenient. That’s why we’re going to share with you some info about those things. Apart from that, try also the recommended umrah packages online.

If you’re a Muslim man from another country, mind your behavior there

It’s true that there are so many countries with Muslims as the majority there are pretty lax regarding their law. You may live in a country where men and women can get close to each other when they’re traveling together. However, you can’t do the same in Saudi Arabia, due to the sharia law will protect everyone from any risk of adultery. Obey the law, respect the locals especially the Women, and you’ll have a smooth Umrah pilgrimage with the permission of Allah.

Do not try to steal, ever!

As you can expect, the sharia law is strict, but it’s made for the perfect public order and safety. You may see some beggars who don’t have some of their limbs and that can be the result of theft. So if you don’t want to lose your hands, make sure you never steal anything during your Umrah. Although you might be able to steal without getting caught, remember that the risk of losing the reward from Allah for your Umrah can be canceled if you commit too many sins during your Umrah pilgrimage.

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