Know What The Functions Of The Screw Are As The Type You Can Use In Everyday Activities

Many people want a screw that has good adhesive power. However, some other people choose to keep the screw in the wrong place and finally, the screw becomes dirty and damaged. However, now you can read more to get more information about handling the right screw so you can get quality screws.

Screws themselves have several types that have different functions. There are several types of screws that you should know in order to meet all your needs correctly and you don’t need to choose the wrong screw. Some functions of the screw are seen from the type

1. Self-drilling screw
The self-drilling screw is very commonly found in roof construction and light steel housing frames. To prevent leakage due to an imperfect installation process, self-drilling screws are usually equipped with safety rubber (rubber seal) when used to install the roof.

2. Gypsum screw
This black screw you will usually find on the house ceiling or gypsum wall. Because it is often used in-house frame repairs, gypsum screws are usually made of stainless steel so that they are strong in the face of moisture in the corners of the house.

3. Grub screw
Just as the name suggests, this unique screw does not have a head like most screws. Headless screws, aka grub screws, are equipped with screwdriver grooves to facilitate installation. This type of screw is usually used under the surface of the material that is “immersed” or not visible.

4. Binding screw
This screw is probably the most common screw you encounter in your daily life. This screw, also known as a screw cap or screw head, is used in a variety of everyday equipment ranging from beds, table legs, to AC support. You can also find this type of screw on various modes of transportation such as a motorbike or car.

Knowing the functions of each type of screw, you will be able to choose the type of screw that suits your needs.

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