Know More About Hamburger

One of the simplest reasons a burger is said to be healthy because it consists of vegetables. But if considered the amount of sauce and the weight of the burger, then that can be categorized as unhealthy food. There are many types of food that are famous all over the world but do not recognize as a hamburger. Though hamburger sold more than 150 countries. Naming hamburger took from Hamburg, Germany. Where the hamburger was first made using ordinary bread. Visit our website to see All Restaurant Specials.

Well, here are some important facts about a hamburger that you must know:

The first burger
The burger was first invented by Louis Lassen, in 1900. Lassen provided beef sandwiches to the workers so there came hamburgers. But, there is also thought that he created a juicy burger.

Experts say Americans consume approximately 13 billion hamburgers in a year if it must be compared then it is the same as around the earth as much as 32 times.

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