How to Overcome Teenager that Addicted to Drugs

To prevent children from falling into drugs, as parents, it is important to provide children with knowledge about the dangers of drugs. In explaining, avoid sentences that tend to scare. Try to provide clear information about the effects and consequences of drug use. You can also visit the addiction treatment center to make teens better understand the dangers of drugs.

If your child has already been proven or used drugs, try to deal wisely. Anger You might be provoked, but try to talk calmly so that the child feels the care and love of parents. By listening and giving space for children to talk, they can be more honest in expressing what is happening. You can consult a doctor regarding drug abuse by a child. You can also seek rehabilitation of drugs to release children from drug addiction.

In addition, children can also experience things like:

– Being more closed, and looks like a secret.
– Reduced interest in things that were previously liked.
– Not motivated, out of focus and looking lethargic.
– withdrawal, anxiety, and paranoia.
– Often skipping school and learning values
– Change in the social environment or have new friends.
– Stealing or selling existing items, to buy

The things above can be a sign or sign of adolescents using drugs, but the specific symptoms that appear will be different because it depends on the drugs consumed.

Stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, and amphetamines, can cause an increase in heart rate, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure, cannot be quiet, feel hungry, and become easier to do something. Depressant medications, such as tranquilizers and marijuana, will make users feel more relaxed, not anxious, slowing down, lowering blood pressure, weakening heart rate, and longer thinking processes. While the hallucinogenic drugs will have a variety of effects, depending on the power of thought hallucinations created.

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