Depression Cannot Control Emotions

Humans are divided into groups that are mentally strong and mentally weak. Usually, this is caused by stress over a long period of time without any support from around. It’s not just adults or teenagers who can stress. Even if pregnant women are stressed, the baby they conceive will also be stressed and even stress-prone when they grow up. Besides that, genetics also of course influence. Based on data from ayahuasca retreats usa, if we have relatives or even parents who have experienced depression, then someone will also be vulnerable to depression. Maybe it is true that depression sufferers cannot control their emotions. But what are the logical reasons that actually cause depression? Perhaps the familiar reason for depression is the loss of someone who is loved, a failure, a personal problem, or a conflict. Now if for biological reasons the causes of depression are certainly different. Like introverts and extroverts.

Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, depression can be interpreted as a feeling characterized by a decrease in interest in activities that are usually carried out over a relatively long period of time. For example, those who used to play games or watch the cinema didn’t like it at all. Usually, people who are depressed also tend to withdraw from relationships or even really care about the surroundings. In addition, depression can be caused by an imbalance of chemical compounds in the brain namely serotonin or even a reduced volume of the hippocampus. What is the volume of the hippocampus? The volume of the hippocampus is a small part of the brain that plays an important role in storing memory, apparently smaller in people with a history of depression than people who have never been depressed.

It may be entertaining in the short term, but it certainly will not absolutely cure depression. In fact, depression can change the structure that exists in the brain. Maybe the community’s stigma towards psychologists is still not right, huh. In fact, stress and depression are very different.

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