Caring for School Uniforms is Easy

Hang your clothes, if you still use tomorrow. Place it in the affected area. The goal is to make the clothes not moist and not wrinkled. Clothes after you use, there must be sweat attached, especially in the armpit, and collar. If your uniform is stained like sauce, juice, and other foods you should wash it quickly. To avoid these stains imprint on your uniform. Separate the white uniform with other color clothes when washing. This aims to prevent your uniform from being damaged by other colors. And keep the white color clean on your white uniforms for school.


Don’t brush your shirt. If you don’t wash using a washing machine, try washing your shirt with your hands except for the identical rigid collar. Washing by hand can prevent cloth from getting thinner and damaging fabric fibers.

Dry your clothes in the shade. Avoid drying the sun directly, so the color does not fade quickly. Do not forget to flip your clothes while drying, this step also avoids the fading of colors faster due to sunlight.

Do not use maximum heat on the iron. Enough with the heat, rub your shirt. For pants or skirts, please just use a high temperature, so that it is easy to slippery and fast.

Use the hanger to hang a coat, blazer or shirt to keep it slippery after being ironed. Give camphor fragrance to your closet, to prevent the musty smell in your clothes.

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