Besides Bat Balls And Gloves This Is The Required Equipment For Softball Games

Softball has developed into a sport that has high enthusiasm in several countries. This sport was popularized in the United States and was first played in Chicago. Soon, softball began to spread to other countries and often held international competitions. Softball is a game that uses a paddle and a ball, then the bat must pass several bases to get points. Many factors support to get high points, one of them is using the best fastpitch softball bats. Good bats combined with a high beating technique will produce a punch that is not easily captured by your opponent.

The basic equipment for softball games is a bat, ball, helmet, and protective gear. But in order to become a complete game, there is still other equipment in softball including:

– Gloves
This equipment should not be ignored because it can protect the hands when catching the ball, especially at high speeds. This glove alias is generally worn by catchers, aka catchers and made of leather.

– Team Uniform
Show a sense of unity between members by using uniforms when playing softball. Not only shows compactness, but uniforms can also give a character to the team and make it easy for softball fans to recognize the team that will or is playing. Generally, this softball uniform consists of shirts, shorts, jersey, even matching shoes and socks.

– Softball shoes
Shoes commonly used in softball games are called shoe pools aka cleats. These shoes are similar to soccer shoes with nails to prevent slippage. However, spikes (spiky) on softball shoes are slightly different in sharpness because they are adapted to the terrain of a sandy softball field.

– Home Plate
Home plate is one of the important components in softball. Provide home plate in a size of about 43 times 22 centimeters with a peak side measuring 30 centimeters. Make up to about 4 plates to place the players and the other 4 plates as a place to hit the ball. Make sure each plate has a distance that matches the rules of the softball game.

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