Trying To Conceive – Sperm Count to Boost

Infertility is only attacking women at their childbearing age, but also attacking men. The most common fertility problems men found when they are planning to make a baby are low sperm count and poor sperm motility. In fact, these two problems can dramatically decrease their chances to have a baby.

Knowing that men can also contribute several factors to the failure of getting pregnant, there is no need to keep blaming your wife. Keep in mind that doing this will not bring you any solution. Rather than keep blaming your wife for her failure of getting pregnant, it is better to see your health provider to find out who is having problems. As detected you have a problem with your sperm count, then it is time for you to find the right solution to boost it.

Several medical treatments, in fact, seem to be effective in increasing chances to get conception. However, they do not offer any solution to your problem of low sperm count. The key is to boost your sperm count so that you will find any problems dealing with low sperm count in the future. In case you don’t know what to do to boost your sperm count, see the following tips.

Gain enough nutrition

Low sperm count can be the result of poor nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to fix it by gaining enough nutrition. It can include folic acid, fatty acid, iron, zinc and other important nutrition. Do not forget to gain enough amount of vitamin C since it can prevent your sperm from free radicals.

Another vitamin you need to gain other than vitamin C is vitamin E. in fact, it is another powerful antioxidant, which can prevents polyunsaturated fats from becoming oxidized. The most important thing is to choose organic sources of that nutrition so that you can eliminate the risk of certain harmful substances from entering your body.

Quit smoking

Statistics show that smoking can lead to low sperm count and even a complete absence of sperm. Therefore, it is very important fro you to quit smoking, especially when you seem to have a very low sperm count. It is better to consume more healthy foods rather than smoking since they can provide you with right nutrition in the right amount.

Leave your habit of drinking alcohol

Men tend to drink more alcohol and those containing soda and caffeine rather than women. This habit, in fact, can dramatically affect their sperm count and motility. Rather than drinking alcohol and those containing soda and caffeine, it is better to drink fruit juice, especially those made from orange since it can provide you with enough amount of vitamin C.

Cleanse your system

With the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, you accumulate the amount of toxins inside your body. The toxins, in fact, can be the reason for having low sperm count and even poor sperm motility. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse your system from any toxins. Drinking water 6 – 8 glasses a day, in fact, can help you much with your effort to cleanse your system from any toxin.

Keep your sperm temperature stable

In order to produce a good quality of sperm with enough count, you need to maintain your sperm temperature. It is said that the temperature should be lower than your body temperature. This is due to the fact that an increased in temperature can destroy the sperm and even kill it. Thus, you need to avoid certain things that can increase your sperm temperature, such as sitting too long and placing a laptop on your lap while using it.

Take a regular exercise

Taking regular exercises can be another thing you can consider to boost your sperm count. In fact, a regular exercise can speed up the distribution of nutrition to every living cell, including the testicles. Most importantly, it can stimulate more blood to flow to the testicles, giving more oxygen and nutrition so that they can keep on duties.

Other than what have been mentioned in this article, you may still find more information on how to boost your sperm count. In case you are interested to get the complete information, please kindly read Pregnancy Miracle program.